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8 Bit Guru

Inspired by Brett Comstock.


Written on: 10/18/2013


8 Bit Guru:


Ripples in the water

A breeze through the trees

Faint is the chorus

That feeling of feeling



Rode to the show

Worry’s in my mind

Now I’m here

Now they’re gone


Hiked to the peak

Met an 8 bit guru

Now I’m here

Now we’re strong


There sat atop a peak

Misty and mighty

A grand master of enlightenment

A sage amongst men

Sought in the waters of projection

The mindset of transcendence

What is this life asked the student


simply, he said,

an illusion


get through it


A soothing state of mind

pursue this

and you’ll achieve

what it is you need

to succeed and shine

follow the drive

become your leader

pure states, divine,

powers of the mind, believe it


The Grand Schema

The Grand Schema


Thought contagion spreads rapidly,

Seeding unequivocally, detriment and unrest.

Growing ever closer to a truth unrealized,

Receding even further from a reality,


We can continue our ways,

Our banter, rants and sway.

Cosmically we’ll converse,

Engaging the rays.

Then subtly revert,

To a pleasingly familiar portrayal.


~This was inspired by a few words, and a pair of beautiful minds.~

So about two and half months ago, I embarked on an endeavor to start a community of artists, musicians and enthusiasts at the community college I attend. I believe that music and arts can bring people together, and break the boundaries of prejudice and intolerance. Now, just a couple months later we have a group of about ten regular meeting attendees, but over thirty interested members. The ranks keep growing everyday and the population of collaborating individuals is growing. I’ve heard some say that there seems to be little to no hope for our generation; that our generation has been blinded by the media and scared shitless by the economic monstrosity facing us today. Every day is a reminder that there is hope, and that every silver lining has its cloud. Perseverance is something that must not be abandoned. I’ve felt constantly that my communication skills are inadequate; that I am sub par to what I could be. However I feel constantly that I am proved wrong. No matter how daunting the path may seem, as long as you keep putting one foot in front of the other, keeping sight of your goals, anything is possible. I aspire to pilot aeronautical crafts. I aspire to work with medicine and music. I aspire to be a leader and an inspiration for those that I come into contact with.

We create the reality around us. We send out vibratory waves audible and inaudible. Moods and feelings directly affect the others around us. The portrayal of self is something I’m sure whoever is reading this is extremely familiar with.  So I won’t rant on and try to be profound; I just want to offer some help to those who are facing similar dilemmas as I.


*Disclaimer: Yes I am about to quote myself*

From a song I’ve written: “You try so hard, you can make it, I know. Doubt and fear will only slow you down. To judge is silence, to believe is sound.”