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Please check this video out. We cannot afford to be afraid any longer. We cannot afford to be jealous of one another. We cannot afford to harbor resentment, abhoration, disdain, malcontent, prejudice. I am guilty of all of these negative emotions. I am recentering myself to resonate with everyone. Please watch this video. I hope it will inspire you. We are egos and much more. Let go of the ego and be the much more!



So, in light of all the hysteria that can be made out of our country’s spectacular disaster; to which I will refer as the Great American Drama…there WILL be a revolution.

We will fight this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLRHZEhGWY8&feature=player_embedded


With this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3A0DAlPHcQ




Veins and The Life

This is a shot from a nature walk. These are the Veins of our world.



This is the integration of said Veins; and The Life.

The Life hard at work.

We are the resistance. Make Music. Make Art. Make Love.

Not war. Not greed. Not Jealousy.

We Are One.



Sound Therapy

After doing some chatting on starseeds.net, the subject of Binural Beats came up. If you do not know what these are, or if you do, and are interested in learning more/experiencing them for yourself, follow this link:


Vibrations and their frequencies are wonderful things. There are a few here that have helped me greatly and I hope that you can find some solace in them as well!

February Sky

Peeking Tree

Sail House

Love Ocean


Sometimes I wonder; then I breathe and realize we’ve known all along.

On the road again.

My house is sailing through the sea.


They always seem to say "Hello"



This is Ziggy.

This is Marley.


This is a fantastic colored pencil drawing by my good friend Denise Lucente.

By: Denise Lucente