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There they were…words appearing across the screen by an aloof man.  Tragically, insurmountable unawareness surrounded this individual; he experienced a 21st century Freudian Slip.  A phantom .com appeared at the end of a word; abilities to be exact.






Round 2. Could strings be pulled in any more directions? That moment when emotional swells carry one through an ocean of perception, adrift on a raft, bound for the sun, towards an endless horizon…overwhelming beauty that will steal your carbon. “What else can I do?”Image

Off the Dome!

Awww yeah, its about that time of year! FESTIVAL season is approaching! Please help the band, “Off the Dome” spread positive vibes this season by heading to Our album is online for free at so take a listen! download and share! help us help you! we are very dedicated to our music and mission of positive experience through music. bringing people together and creating a sense of unity is not only important to us, but imperative to cultural cohesion! embrace our differences and grooooove! 😀 thank you!

Thought provoking perspective. Love this. Great imagery. Great questions. What is he desperate for?


like suffocating in a hot car

I waded through your distant causeway

You, so gallant

weighted against the faded hood

the shining metal blinded

reflecting the long mirage

like synapses

these distances

create a prized silence

the cradle of our youth

swaying further away

underneath the streetlights

shadows pass like a veil

another crux

another dirty bar

we rattled on about the day’s headlines

avoiding any mention of what had passed

these streets are filled with desperate men

what does it matter

if there’s one more

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Found myself supremely relaxed and deep in thought during my 45 minute commute to the hospital where I work. This is what I was thinking.

Instead of focusing on the consequences of your actions or a situation you might be facing…what about the PRO-sequences of your actions? think about it.

Apparently Native American language was based around how things would make them feel (learned this from 88.1 WESU middletown on their Native American broadcast hour). for example (this is one i made up 😛 but its exactly what they were talking about): if one was to wish another a safe journey, upon departure or soon before one would say, “may you feel protected/protection on your journey” or if its cold “may you feel warmth on your journey”. the point is: they went on to say that our modern day english language is a very mathematical language, where as Native Americans utilized an emotional language. english causes dichotomy in circumstances, black or white, yes or no. maybe if we phrased what we mean differently, there might be more power in The Word of which we speak. remember that EVERYTHING is connected. thoughts, feelings, emotions influence the environment around you. “you are a bender of time and space, with the air that you displace” – Igneous Grimm (band from texas check ’em out)


Today is Christmas Eve in America, 2013. The solistice was on the 10th of this month. two weeks ago exactly.

At the precipice of an endless ocean

At a definitive point in time and space


All of existence met and reflected upon itself


It seems as though we do not want to be forgotten

But we want so much to forget


Why is there so much unrest in our world?


Where will we go if we cannot unite?


Can we overcome dichotomy?


As we transcend through this earthly realm

Propelled by emotive states

Carried adrift swift, yet purposeful

Tumultuous waves of perception


Swells roll through the cosmos

Beneath grasping feet

But suspended so carefully

Solidity comes so close


Breathe now

Look beyond the sun


Moon rise is upon us

A colossus approaches

The great wolf howls

Hearing several soothing

Breathes, fire erupts

As the Earth bleeds

In appreciation.


A gift.

A gift.


A gift.

CT Medical Marijuana

Extremely interesting article from this morning’s paper. I’ve begun to hear more and more about operations being speculated on for CT. A big part of my ego finds relief knowing that we are on the cusp of making medicine that people NEED, readily available. From what I’ve heard about Marinol (Synthetic THC) through professionals and research, the actual herb is the best route. Finally we are moving towards a more organic approach to dealing with disease. Fear is being overcome for the betterment of our fellow people.

CT Education

A news article I found interesting in this mornings paper. The information here is a bit disconcerting because I found myself taking the same tests that the statistical students referred to in the article have taken. This article really shows that our system of trying to funnel our future generations through the same learning scope; that is to say trying to conform all to the same way of testing and measuring of intelligence, is severely flawed. I’m sure that if we disregard the race emphasis in this article, that each student is intelligent in their own way and would have something to contribute to our Lives here on Terrestrial Earth, BEYOND being constricted and demeaned by Standardized testing. If I was a kid reading this article and I know I didn’t do too well, I’d be questioning my worth, value, and intelligence. I was once a kid taking the same tests (and I didn’t do poorly at all), but I still brought into question my worth and value to society, as well as my own intelligence. Food for thought.

Feeling the energy through this video; as well as every day waking Life. May you find the energy you need in your daily rotations to come around our Sun. Namaste Reader!

Lucas 2012 Infos

Uploaded on 28 July 2013 by Simone M. Matthews

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