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Veins and The Life

This is a shot from a nature walk. These are the Veins of our world.



This is the integration of said Veins; and The Life.

The Life hard at work.

February Sky

Peeking Tree

Sail House

Love Ocean


Sometimes I wonder; then I breathe and realize we’ve known all along.

On the road again.

My house is sailing through the sea.


They always seem to say "Hello"



This is Ziggy.

This is Marley.

The Highway

A pen drawing that took me about a week to complete.

Title: The Highway

Inspiration: The Life we ALL inhabit.

Better believe we're on it.

This is a fantastic colored pencil drawing by my good friend Denise Lucente.

By: Denise Lucente

Love the way they glide.

I Love the Sky

The vast ocean of substance we inhabit; such a glorious thing.



They’re like the People