Greetings fellow Tellurian; My name is Zack, A.K.A Mr. Suavé.

I am a stringed instrument player. My repertoire includes mainly Cello, Guitar, and Mandolin. I do enjoy Bass however, and I thoroughly enjoy dabbling with percussion. Flutes are also extremely fun :]. I love to jam and collaborate with other musicians. Creation is one of the greatest gifts we have.

Nature rules and so does being able to breathe, so I try to respect our Earth as much as I can.

I have trouble keeping up with blogs and other assorted posts, mainly because I do or at least try to do, many things at once (hardcore multi-tasker right here).  For example; I’m studying Music at community college, Pharmacy Technician practices via online college, and I’m anticipating the start of my Spanish class at the high school I used to attend. I am also attempting to establish a musical group but alas the trials and tribulations of this non stop aging process make the process interesting.

So now you know a bit about me; but you can only learn more right?

Let the posting begin.