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Our Societal Shifting.

Greetings to anyone who happens to be reading this!

Just wanted to share this video. I believe Mr. Kokesh provides an insightful perspective on our contemporary societal shifting. Check out his Youtube channel: Adamkokeshvstheman.

So about two and half months ago, I embarked on an endeavor to start a community of artists, musicians and enthusiasts at the community college I attend. I believe that music and arts can bring people together, and break the boundaries of prejudice and intolerance. Now, just a couple months later we have a group of about ten regular meeting attendees, but over thirty interested members. The ranks keep growing everyday and the population of collaborating individuals is growing. I’ve heard some say that there seems to be little to no hope for our generation; that our generation has been blinded by the media and scared shitless by the economic monstrosity facing us today. Every day is a reminder that there is hope, and that every silver lining has its cloud. Perseverance is something that must not be abandoned. I’ve felt constantly that my communication skills are inadequate; that I am sub par to what I could be. However I feel constantly that I am proved wrong. No matter how daunting the path may seem, as long as you keep putting one foot in front of the other, keeping sight of your goals, anything is possible. I aspire to pilot aeronautical crafts. I aspire to work with medicine and music. I aspire to be a leader and an inspiration for those that I come into contact with.

We create the reality around us. We send out vibratory waves audible and inaudible. Moods and feelings directly affect the others around us. The portrayal of self is something I’m sure whoever is reading this is extremely familiar with.  So I won’t rant on and try to be profound; I just want to offer some help to those who are facing similar dilemmas as I.


*Disclaimer: Yes I am about to quote myself*

From a song I’ve written: “You try so hard, you can make it, I know. Doubt and fear will only slow you down. To judge is silence, to believe is sound.”

Lately I’ve been confused; a mass of questions running through my mind.

Leaving behind trails of temporary epiphany.

Complimented by hints of hope.

I’m happy to be loved, to be able to love.

I’m grateful for my chances, opportunities, and those that surround me.

Jarred by the duties of reality, anxiety seems to swell.

But then the bubble bursts and sheds anew,

The seeds and sprouts to show the way,

The path to a better life.

This is only temporary.

And we have each other.

This is by far the most vague and frightening document released.

We are being controlled. This document was released on March 16th, 2012. The day before a holiday renowned for its drunkard participants. If this is not a clear population mind control tactic…then I don’t know what is. This is scary, but we CANNOT BE AFRAID. We are The People. We have been deceived. Too long has this occurred. Our parents and relatives of the older generations have been deceived by a whole bloodline of conspirators. It is time to wake up and take back our world. We have no place fighting a fight that is unnecessary. Bloodshed is not the answer. Detaining people without reason, controlling every industry of our country, and the attempted enslavement and stripping of our rights as Humans is absurd.


We are aware. We know that something is up. We cannot let this go unnoticed. Share information. We shape ourfuture. Promote a world of peace, love, respect, unity. Jealousy, greed, and fear are part of the balance, BUT TOO LONG HAS THE BALANCE BEEN ASKEW. Ron Paul 2012. That’s my vote. The election might be rigged. I don’t know.


Please stay connected people. Please share information. Discuss what is happening.


Check out my favorited and viewed videos please: They contain links to many places on the internet and sources of information. You are free to choose your path. You can choose to dismiss or believe wholeheartedly. Neither is recommended. What is recommended is proceeding with an open mind. With an open mind you might crave an answer. Or at least spark a thought. Don’t be afraid of discussing and bringing this up to other people. There are tons of ex-military members coming forward about strange incidents, unconstitutional events, and unjust acts by our government.

Please watch this video. We are One and we are in this together. Peace and Love to you all.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth…a sign of our inevitable aging process. Today I under went the removal of said dental bones.  Dental chair epiphanies are probably common; so let me share mine.


I am a young being. One of many. Trying to decipher the code of life. What am I here for? Where do I go? Who do I turn to? Who am I? Why is life so confusing? When do I get my answer? The truth is that the answer may never be received from someone or something else. So create your own.  Figuring out goals is difficult. However, there are many that are faced with a plethora of extremely intense situations, far beyond my comprehension.  Recognize the turmoil in the world, and recognize that small parts interacting as a whole can change the course of life. Doing what you can do is all there is.  I still have a lot to learn. But I’m not going to stop trying.  Perseverance.

.That state of association.

.came too quickly to an end.

.with the fate of regret.

.glowing a light shade.

.of green, phasing.

.to purple and.

.blue waves.


Wake up


With a heart not sold,

Or Longing for an overflown soul

Is a road we Die to Follow,

Only to find

We are not alone.

Brothers, I love you.

Mothers, I’m thankful.

Father, I am your Son.

To me, this world has just begun,

But others, their song is sung.

Fragile, our lives are such,

Sacrifice, is it enough?

“Take my hand,” she said, and away we rose

Into the setting Sun, Free to Breathe

Knowing, we are


This road we’re on, this endless unfurling highway; seems to be pushing me every day. Testing me. Testing. Sometimes I really just want to leave. I’ve thought about this for a while. Ever since I was a child, I’ve had reoccurring dreams of self-sacrifice for others. Music calls to me. This journey is becoming more and more daunting yet utterly exciting. The waves of energy I experience every day are unlike anything I’ve ever wanted/cared to embrace. Lately I’ve been getting a feeling that this whole system; of education and corporate employment are just distractions. Very cleverly placed distractions. Filtering all of this is mentally taxing. I hope to send only positive energy. Because lately, I feel like the fields and channels we all inhabit are becoming contaminated. We are dictated by paper or a representation thereof; currency, contracts, bills, statements, literature. All media imposed; whether it be acknowledged or ignored. I do not know what the deal is with the few that rule this society, I do not know what the deal is with the society that are being dominated. I do not know what the illusion of future holds. I can only say connect with yourself; be at inner peace; transcend the fear; spread love and positive energy. We will need it.

P     E     A     C     E

e     a      c      a     n

o     g      c      l      e

p     a      e     m     r

l      r       p            g

e     l       t             y

y       i



Morning Drive

Had a very interesting morning commute to school today. While thoroughly enjoying my mix of NPR (pretty relative news) and WMNR (classical radio station) I passed a random Military convoy on I-84 in Southington. There were three large white buses with completely tinted windows. There were about 6 or 7 humvees and two or three large transport trucks.

On an interesting news note; apparently a scientist from MIT with a background in music has been working in collaboration to create a solar powered – liquid metal – battery. A battery of about 40 foot cargo box could power 200 homes. Reducing the size to a large fridge, community power could be generated from homes with solar panels. Thought this was a pretty revolutionary concept.

Heres a link:


Hope you all have a great day!